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Low Season Traveller Insider Guides

Low Season Traveller Insider Guides provides insights into what tourism destinations offer during their low season. We speak to the experts and locals from a different worldwide destination each week to learn why the low season is in fact, one of the best times to see their hometown.

Sep 13, 2019

Rotterdam has a tourists to locals ratio of just over 1:1 unlike its neighbour Amsterdam which has a ratio of 20 tourists to every local.  Having been pretty much completely re-built after the war, Rotterdammers with their “can do” attitude, embarked upon building a modern, well connected and beautiful city with environmental and sustainability practices as a priority.  Today, it is an ultra modern city with environmental characteristics which are the envy of many global leading cities. 

I spoke with Fabian Lindner of Rotterdam Partners to learn more about this wonderful city, it’s people and it’s attractions during the low seasons.